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Portfolio Settings

In this section you can set up all the elements displayed on your portfolio pages.

  • Portfolio Active – Generally activate or deactivate the display of the portfolio function.
  • Item Slug – Define the URL structure where your portfolio detail page should be accessible.
  • Category Slug – Define the URL structure where your Portfolio Category page should be accessible.
  • Tag Slug – Define the URL structure where your Portfolio Tag page should be accessible.
  • Price Active – Do you want to display prices on your portfolio content? Enable or disable this feature.
  • Single Page Active – In many cases it is not necessary to show a portfolio detail page. Here you can activate or deactivate it.
  • Price Currency – Here you can set the currency of your prices. Additionally you can enter a text before or after the currency symbol.
  • Price Currency Position – Here you can define where the price should be shown on your portfolio image.
  • Show Category – Should the portfolio category be displayed? Here you can enable or disable that it is shown.
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