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Why you need a CMP?

The HERO ADMIN Consent Management Platform (CMP) enables you to harmonize your marketing and data strategy with legal requirements.


Protect Your Advertising Revenue: No consent equals significant restrictions for your digital marketing and a drop in your advertising revenue.

  • Benefit from new privacy KPIs
  • Turn privacy into a competitive advantage
  • Optimize your opt-in rates


Boost Your Users’ Trust: Win your users’ trust with professional transparent consent management and get ahead of the competition

  • Be transparent in the way you inform your customers about what data is processed, by whom, and for what purpose
  • Harvard Study: Transparency increases opt-in rates by 11%


Minimize Your Legal Risk: Stay on the safe side with a CMP that can easily be adapted to your legal strategy and to the current legal situation.

  • Privacy breaches are visible to everyone at all times
  • Protect yourself from warnings and hefty fines and spare yourself any hassle with the authorities
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