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Welcome To Hero Admin

Our themes is not just another theme for WordPress, we are building this deeply personal and incredible experience for you. Combining top class coding, fresh intuitive design, and unmatched functionality, we build outstanding WordPress themes. Our goal is to create simple, elegant web solutions that help our clients accomplish their goals without effort. For this, we explore cutting-edge technologies and infuse them into beautifully handcrafted themes.

Knowledge Base

The Support Center consists of an extensive knowledge database covering the most frequently asked questions on our topics, as well as a unified documentation database containing the user manuals for each individual topic.

Documentation Database

To access the topic documentation, simply open a topic category on the Support Center main page. Once you have found your topic, click on it and you will be redirected to the documentation page.

You can search the Knowledge Base by entering the topic of your choice in the search box, or you can browse through the articles, which are conveniently categorized and grouped into sections.

Without Registration

It is important to note that although you can access the documentation database and the knowledge base without logging on to the website, you can also access the knowledge base without logging on to the website. How to submit a ticket is explained here.

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