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Main Menu

The HERO ADMIN is so versatile, that you can choose where you want to use the menus. The theme supports custom WordPress menus, with multiple levels of drop-down for the main menu.

There are 2 areas of the theme where you can display a menu: the Main Menu and the Footer Menu. In this section you will learn how to create a new menu, make it a sticky one and customize the Main Menu. The theme comes with some general options for the Main Menu.

Go to HERO ADMIN > Theme Panel > Header, and expand the Main Menu section.

The Available Options

  • Header Menu – This option allows you to load a menu created earlier as the main menu. With this function, you can also choose to display a menu for the footer or the top bar.
  • Show Social Icons – In the top bar, you can add Social Icons. The social icons can be configured from HERO ADMIN > Theme Panel > Social Networking
  • Mega Menu Preloader – Activate or deactivate Preloader function.
  • Sticky Menu – This option gives you the freedom to decide how to display the header menu while scrolling.
  • Mobile Sticky Menu – You can decide if you want Mobile to load the Sticky Menu and how it should behave in different environments.
  • Logo on the Sticky Menu – You can decide if you need a logo to be loaded on the sticky menu and how it should behave in different environments.

After you finished customizing this section, click the Save Settings button.

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